What are Glider Recliner – An Ultimate Guide

In this busy modern world, people are getting more concerned about comfort especially when they return home after a hectic day. And what else can provide them that comfort and luxurious feeling other than a piece of furniture? This piece of furniture is nothing else but a Type of Recliner.

There are a variety of recliners available in the market today and you can easily purchase them as per your needs. In this article, we will discuss what are glider recliners and why they are becoming so popular. Glider recliners are very comfortable and the best choice for parents especially. Let’s further explore this masterpiece.

What are Glider Recliners?

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Glider Recliners are very common nowadays. They are not exactly but quite similar to rockers. The seamless, noiseless, and rhythmic back-and-forth motion of the recliner makes it extremely comfortable. The motion of these recliners is very smooth, unlike the electric recliners. As it is noiseless you can easily soothe the fussy baby, rest after a long hectic day, or enjoy your pregnancy duration on it.

The glider chairs are also available with a 360-degree swivel option. You can make these chairs recliners by adding a footrest or ottoman to the glider chair.

Features of Glider Recliners

The features of glider recliners are as follows:

Gliding Mechanism

The unique and soothing gliding mechanism makes it different from other recliners. You can enjoy the noiseless and smooth back-and-forth motion by sitting on it.

Reclining options

There are various reclining options available in this chair. A user can adjust the reclining position that he or she finds comfortable while, reading napping, watching a movie, or soothing a baby.


These gliders come with various designs and options. You can easily find the one that suits your taste or according to your budget.

Additional Features

You can add features to your glider. These features cost you extra money but obviously, it is worth it in the end. These add-ons will make your life more comfortable and give an extra luxurious look to your home.

Pros and Cons of Glider Recliners

It provides a comfortable sitting experienceIt is a bit more pricey than other recliners.
It has a smooth gliding motion that further adds to the comfort.It requires high maintenance.
You can customize it as you want.Size is an issue for some people.
It comes with many adjustable reclining positions. 
It is a space saver in your small space. 

Glider Recliners – Styles

As we all know now a glider recliner is an amalgam of gliding and reclining functionalities with an aesthetic and modern touch. There are different styles of gliding recliners available in the market. The people who are going to be the new owners of these gliding recliners must know these seats by their styles.

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Contemporary Style

These types of recliners showcase minimalist features with a high focus on modern aesthetics. If you are more on the neutral side, these contemporary recliners are for you. They usually come in neutral tones with simple or plain designs. These chairs give you a modern and luxurious feeling. You can customize them by adding your favorite color upholstery that is stain-resistant. The armrest further enhances the timeless look of the recliner.

Classic Style

These classic-style recliners are amazing for nursing mothers. They come with fully padded removable cushions and lumbar support. You can also customize this chair by adding extra features like massage etc. The wooden structure, stitching, and carvings give it a timeless look. Classic recliners are mostly people’s all-time favorites as they provide a seamless transition from traditional to contemporary styles.

Nursing Friendly Style

Nursing-friendly style recliners are a true haven for the nursing mother. As they provide mothers and babies with the utmost comfort. These types of gliders usually come with lumbar support, stain-resistant fabric, and different nursing-friendly reclining positions. These recliners also come with elements that are baby-friendly. Thus these chairs are a true blessing for both of them.

Tech Infused Styles

These tech-infused style recliners are also called power Glider recliners. They function by just clicking on the button. These are very comfortable recliners that make your life easy and comfortable. You don’t have to set the position manually in these power glider recliners. They also feature USB ports for easy device charging and Bluetooth connectivity for listening to your favorite music.

Space saving Styles

The space-saving style gliders are the best choice for people who have little space in their homes or apartments. These gliders also come in wall-hugger recliner options. These space-saving recliners do not bother to take extra space even in a reclining position.

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Outdoor Recliners

Some furniture enthusiasts like to have an outdoor recliner too. These glider recliners are more sturdy and weather-resistant. These outdoor gliders give your patio, balcony, or terrace a sleek and luxurious look. The upholstery used in these gliders is waterproof and environmentally friendly.

How Does A Glider Chair Work?

The glider chair works on a special gliding mechanism. These gliders switch to back-and-forth motion seamlessly without the need to rock them manually like rocker chairs. The major difference between the gliders and rockers is the functionality, comfort, and luxury.

Because of the wheels and rollers fixed to the base of the gliders they sway on its axis without taking extra space. These rollers allow them to glide on their axis. The sturdy wooden or iron frame will keep your glider through a long way.

As we know recliners can shift to different reclining positions so are the same gliders. They lean back and forth according to your comfort. You can also ask for the footrest or ottoman to further enhance the comfort.

All the gliders come with extra soft padding, armrests, and lumbar support. You can also add features according to your budget in these gliders like massaging etc. In a nutshell, these gliders treat you as if you are sitting on comfy clouds.

What is the difference between a glider and a rocking chair?

Gliders and rocking chairs can be differentiated based on various factors like style, mechanism, and intended use. Gliders provide seamless back-and-forth gliding motion. The backward and forward motion is quite gentle as compared to the rocking chair. Rocking chairs are more like traditional wooden chairs that sway up and down.

Glider chairs are noiseless and effortless. Its working mechanism is based on wheels and ball bearings that make the motion smooth. Whereas in rocking chairs curved base is present that sways up and down by pushing it against the floor.

Glider chairs are very smooth and comfortable due to excessive padding and lumbar support whereas rocking chairs are not as comfortable. These chairs are not noiseless and give you a nostalgic feeling.

In short, it depends on your preferences and budget which chair you choose. The function and purpose of both chairs are almost the same.


To summarize, glider chairs are an amazing piece of furniture for almost everyone. These chairs work on the automated mechanism having wheels and rollers at the bottom of the chair. These chairs have separate couches to give you comfortable seating. It especially works wonders for

comforting a crying baby and feeding them. These chairs also have customization options like massaging, footrest extension, etc.

Glider chairs are a more modern and advanced version of the rocking chair that gives a traditional look to your house. You can purchase any of them according to your preference and budget.