Power Vs Manual Recliners – Which One is Better?

Finding the best recliner for your lounge is just like entering into the world of comfort and convenience. But the search is nothing less than a toll. There are a variety of recliners available in the market ranging from Power or electric recliners to manual recliners.

These recliners are the epitome of innovation and relaxation. They are also very beneficial from a medical point of view. People having backache or spin issues find this chair nothing less than a blessing. It helps in lumbar support and reduces the pain with a Recliner. Every recliner has its specifications but it depends on the person going to use that and what qualities they want. These are more than just a piece of furniture at your home.

Power recliners are also called electric recliners in which a motor is there for the automatic operation of the seat. Whereas in manual recliners, there is a lever that the person has to use for the operation of the seat. There are mixed reviews of both these recliners. So, in this article, we will look at the comparison of Power Recliners and Manual Recliners including the pros and cons of each product. First, let’s have a general overview of both:

What are Power Recliners?

Power recliner chairs operate on the electrical mechanism. Users can change the seat position by just pressing a button. These recliners can also be operated through the remote controller. There is an electric motor for the operation of the chair, you can recline it, elevate the footrest, and set other positions according to your comfort.

power recliner

What are Manual Recliners? 

Manual recliners are the type of chairs that are adjusted by the users themselves. There is no electric motor in these chairs, the user can adjust its position by the handle or the lever. They operate on a mechanical system.

manual Recliner

What are the key differences between Power Recliners and Manual Recliners?

Now we will talk about the key differences between power recliners and manual recliners based on operation, comfortability, affordability, ease of use, and much more. So, let’s go!

How do Manual Recliners vs. Power Recliners Operate?

Power Recliners: Power recliners work with electricity. Users have to press simple built-in buttons to set the most comfortable position of the recliner. You can easily go for the micro-adjustments that are not possible in manual recliners. Moreover, electric recliners are soundless.

Manual Recliner: This type of recliner needs a handle or lever for its operation. Users have to make some effort to adjust the suitable position for themselves.

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Power recliners: These seats are very convenient. Users with spine issues or any mobility issues can use it very conveniently by remote controller. No physical effort is needed for its operation making it comfortable for patients. Doctors also recommend these chairs to any person having spin injuries or surgical issues. This chair gives them relaxation and comfort.

Manual Recliners: These recliners as we know now that operated by hand so it is not suitable for persons having physical ailments.

Space Requirements

Power Recliner: There is a long electric cord to operate the chair. You can only place it near the socket so have limited options of moving the chair to any place.

Manual Recliner: There is no electric cord with this seat so users can move this chair anywhere they want.

Independence from Power Source

Power Recliners: They need electricity to work. Some chairs also come with a backup battery, in case of power shortage a user can use it for a limited time. In areas where there is a prolonged power outage, these chairs do not work.

These power recliners usually consume 100 to 300 watts so we can say that the power consumption is not a big issue in buying them. Many home equipment consume much more electricity than this seat.

Manual Recliner: This seat does not consume any electricity. User does not have to worry about power shortage. They can use it anytime.


Power Recliner:  These seats work on an electric motor that is prone to many mechanical issues. However, nowadays power recliners come with more durability and a long-term warranty. But still, there is always an increasing risk of issues with time.

Manual Recliners: they are mechanically very simple and durable. If users operate it well and maintain it properly, these recliners last longer than the power ones.


Power recliner: Power recliners are more expensive than their counterparts. The increased price is due to the extraordinary features that further add to the comfortability of the users.

Manual Recliners: These seats are lower in price because of their manual functions. For anyone whose budget is low, these recliners are the best choice.


Power recliner: As this seat works electricically there are many small parts for the micro adjustments so it needs more maintenance. You have to clean it daily. The average life span of power recliners is estimated to be 15 to 20 years.

Manual Recliners: these recliners are reliable as they have fewer parts. But still, they need regular maintenance. Moreover, careful handling of these recliners is mandatory.

Pros and Cons of Power Recliners VS Manual Recliners

Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of both the recliners:

Power Recliner

It is easily adjustable to any positionThey do not have longer life spans due to many small mechanical parts
Modern power recliners have USB Ports and other Bluetooth featuresThese recliners don’t work without electricity
It provides seamless luxury and comfortIts long cord hinders its freedom of placement
It is also recommended by doctors for patients having spine issues.These are expensive recliners

Manual Recliners

These recliners are affordableIt provides limited customization
They are easy to maintainUsers need to be physically active for their operation
You can move them anywhere in your homeIt lacks modern facilities
They are highly durable and reliable 
Simple yet provides comfort and relaxation 

Do Power Recliners Use a Lot of Electricity?

There is a misunderstanding regarding the consumption of electricity by power recliners. Yes, power recliners need electricity to operate their motor mechanic system to function but the electricity used for its working is average.

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Various factors affect the consumption of electricity. For example, if you are using all the functions of a recliner for a longer time it will surely increase the usage of electricity.

Now in new types of recliners, there is a backup battery-operated system that allows you to charge the battery and use it later without directly getting electricity from the source.

The average electricity consumption by the power recliners falls between 100 watts to 300 watts which is somehow lower than other appliances used at home like AC, Refrigerators, or ovens.

With the ever-increasing demand for innovations, experts are trying hard to manufacture recliners that save energy. This would be a great step towards global energy consumption.

Do Power Recliners Have Battery Back Up?

Not every recliner comes with a battery backup system. There are only a few brands that are manufacturing these types of seats. These seats are also more expensive than the other ones because of the enhanced comfort and functionality.

Because of the battery, you can enjoy the massage even in times of power outage. The battery works by storing the energy when the chair is not in use and after that, you can use it for an average of 150 to 250 recline revolutions.

This is the average life span of a fully charged backup battery. If you are searching for this type of power recliner must consult the retailer.

Are Power Recliners Good For Backache?

Power recliners are often recommended by doctors to people who have a long history of back pain. You can adjust the position of the recliner wherever you find it the most comfortable. It provides lumbar support and aids in reducing the lower backache.

The recliners have the facility of massage, providing relaxation by removing the targeting the specific areas of the spine. This chair reduces backache and is considered highly effective for backaches.

People often get confused while purchasing recliners for back pain, Saddle Chairs are the ones designed especially for this purpose. It not only provides lumbar support but also relaxes the muscles of the back and reduces lower back pain.

Here I would like to recommend people use these recliners for resting and sitting only. Sleeping on these recliners may affect back pain. Some people have observed elevated pain when they slept on these chairs. But every case is different, you must consult your doctor.

Conclusion: Is a Power recliner better than a manual?

To conclude, whether a power recliner is better or a manual depends on the preferences and affordability of an individual who is going to use it. Of course, power recliners provide you with an unmatched level of comfort and relaxation with just a click of a button. After a bit of customization, you can make it more luxurious which is not possible in manual recliners. 

Whereas manual reclines are more cost-effective and they are more durable. Both recliners have proved to be very effective in reducing back pain by providing lumbar support. Everyone can sit and relax on this chair and shake off their tiredness.

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