How to Remove the Back of the Recliner Chair – Easy Guide

Removing the back of your recliner chair for any purpose is not difficult. First of all, identify the type of recliner you own and then dismantle it in just a few steps. But not every recliner sofa is the same. Some recliners have thumbscrews or locks that need to be opened before reattaching the back.

When we say the epitome of comfort at home, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Recliner Sofa. But for some reasons like shifting it somewhere else or to the next room you need to dismantle it due to size issues. The only solution that we can suggest is to dismantle it. But not every recliner sofa seat has a detachable back. Identifying the type of recliner back is mandatory. In this article, we will explore the types of recliner back and how to remove the back of recliner chairs in an easy step-by-step guide.

3 Common Types of Recliners Back

Many brands are manufacturing Recliner chairs and every recliner chair is different from others. So identify which recliner chair you own, what are its features, and can its back be detached. All this information is mandatory to enhance the overall relaxation experience.  Here is the guide to 3 common types of recliner backs:

1. Modular Back Recliners

Modular back recliners are designed in such a way that their parts can be easily detached from the main structure. This type of construction made it convenient to move them from one place to another when the space is narrow. Moreover, it is very easy to clean them.

In this type of modular recliner, the back is secured with the connectors that keep the frame intact. In case, you want to remove the back, unscrew or unclip these connectors.

2. Quick Release back Recliners

Quick-release back recliners are the easiest to understand. Anyone can detach the back easily. These types of recliners are easy to dismantle and convenient to transfer. Its design made it easy to clean.

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To detach the back from the quick-release back recliners, there is a lever or latch system mechanism attached to the back. Simply locate the lever or latch and activate the mechanism to lift off the back.

3. Snap-on Back Recliners

In snap-on back recliners, there is a snap-on mechanism attached to the backrest of the recliner for easy detachment. These snap-ons also ensure the stability of recliners and are easy to clean.

Usually, sturdy snap connectors are attached to the sides or under the backrest. Just locate these snap connectors and release them. The backrest in this way comes off easily.

How to Remove the Back of the Recliner Chair – Procedure

Here are a few simple and easy steps to remove the back of the recliner chair. Follow them carefully to achieve your goal:

Step 1: Arrange the Necessary Tools

Before you start the disassembling process, make sure you have all the required necessary tools.

  • Screwdrivers
  • Allen wrench
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Hammer
  • Floor protector (towel or blanket)

Step 2: Understand Attachment Mechanism

First of all, understand the attachment mechanism as we have also discussed above. Know whether the back is attached to the bolts, connectors, or lever. After knowing that, make your next strategy and also notice if there are any caps or covers located to conceal the attachment.

Step 3: Remove any Covers or Caps 

Now locate the covers and caps that are used to conceal the covers. Take the needle-nose pliers to remove these coverings and keep them in a safe place. Make sure to keep them aside because you have to use them again for reinstalling the back.

Step 4: Unscrew the Back

As you know now which type of attachment mechanism is present in your recliner? So, if there is a lever or snap-on, release or lift the lever. If it has screws or bolts, unscrews or unbolt them respectively. Don’t forget to keep the hardware in a safe place for future use.

Step 5: Check for Additional Attachments

To make the recliner stable and sturdy, manufacturers attach additional connectors or screws. If there are any other screws, unscrew them with the needle-nose pliers to release the back.

Step 6: Lift and Remove the Back

After removing all the attachments from the recliner’s back, it’s time to lift off the backrest. If it isn’t coming out gently use a hammer or apply gentle force to release it. Apply pressure in the upward direction. Do not use excessive force as it will damage the main frame. After removing the backrest, keep it aside.

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Step 7: Store Hardware and Covers

After disassembling the backrest, store the screws, caps, and bolts in a safe place. It’s better to take a bag and keep hardware in it.

To summarize, follow the above steps as it is and you are good to disassemble your recliner all by yourself. If you need further assistance, consult the manufacturer’s guide or technician.

How to Reattach the Recliner Back?

Reattaching the recliner back is just opposite its disassembling. Start with adjusting the recliner back to its original position. Use pliers and a wrench to fix the connectors or snaps on the previous alignment.

If the back of your recliner has a quick-release lever or latch mechanism, use it to lock the back in place according to the manufacturer’s directions to guarantee a sturdy attachment. If your recliner has connectors or snaps, carefully line up the parts on the backrest and the frame of the chair.

To secure the attachment, evenly and gently press on the back. For snap-on or connector-based recliners, wait for a click to indicate a secure attachment. For modular backs, press down on each section to fully engage the connectors. If bolts or screws are holding the back of your chair in place, tighten them with the proper tool, making sure not to overtight.

Check to make sure the back is firmly fixed in place before completely relaxing in your chair. Also, check for any indications of instability or misalignment when you slowly lean back after engaging the reclining lever or button. Try lightly rocking or shifting your weight to make sure the reattached back is stable. You may get back to the ultimate comfort and relaxation you desire with just a few easy steps from your recliner.


To conclude, removing the back of the recliner chair is not a difficult process. People usually need this process to be done, when they are moving somewhere else or shifting to the other room where there is a narrow space. Recliners are usually heavy and take more space than ordinary chairs so the easiest way to transport them anywhere is to disassemble them.

By following the step-by-step guide as given above can solve this issue. If you are still finding any difficulty, consult a technician.